Empty Bowls Artist’s Statement

This is the Prezi that we have been viewing for the Empty Bowls Project.  Near the end (slide 19) is where you will find the criteria for the Artist’s Statement that needs to accompany the bowl.  This is a graded assignment and you must complete a statement regardless of if you are submitting your bowl for auction.

There really isn’t a set format for the statement but I have broken out a possible set up for you.  The first paragraph is basically the “What” of the project:  What social issue are you addressing?  What metaphor/symbolism did you use/what does your vessel represent?  This is a straightforward, introductory paragraph.

The second paragraph is the How:  How is your vessel conveying the message you discussed above?  How did you construct it? How did you use the elements and principles to create a unified and complete piece?  You should absolutely reference the elements and principles… it is part of the grading criteria!  Elements & Principles Vocabulary  Elements & Principles Vocabulary

The last paragraph is the Why:  Why did you choose that metaphor (the personal connection – why is that important to you?)  You should end this paragraph with a sentence that brings it all together… a conclusion.

Once you are finished you must submit your work via TurnItIn.  The class ID’s and passwords are listed below.

Period 2

  • Class ID:  11452501
  • PW:  ceramics

Period 8

  • Class ID:  11452507
  • PW:  ceramics

You must also copy your statement into the following document Bowl Tag.  Also include your name and auction price; it must be at least $5.00.  Here is a Sample Bowl Tag.

Grading Criteria

1 st paragraph

  • At least 3 sentences
  • Correct spelling and grammar
  • Answers the “What?”

2nd paragraph

  • At least 5 sentences
  • Correct spelling and grammar
  • Answers the “How?”
  • References the Elements & Principles

3rd paragraph

  • At least 5 sentences
  • Correct spelling and grammar
  • Answers the “Why?”


  • Coherent, meaningful and organized statement
  • 150-200 words


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