Welcome Back!

Now that we’re back from February Break, let’s get a bunch of stuff squared away…

  1. Post 4 experiment photos to blog.
  2. Drag these 4 photos to class folder… be sure to name them with your name before you drag them!
  3. You have printed AND matted your best of these 4.
  4. Tiny Planet has been posted to blog with a sentence that describes why you would want to live there.
  5. Tiny Planet has been dragged into the class folder.
  6. Your collage photos are printed and ready for tomorrow in the art room.
  7. Spend the rest of class on one of these sites:
    1. ESPN – 2015 in Pictures
    2. Time – The Year in Images
    3. National Geographic – 2015 Traveler Photo Contest
    4. CNN – The Year in Pictures
    5. NY Times – The Year in Pictures

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