Selection Tool Collage

In class on Monday we learned how to use a variety of selection tools in Photoshop.  Today you will finish your collage and post it to your blog.  If you were absent, ask a friend for help.  Refer to the handouts that I gave you.  Also, don’t forget about Free Transform (CTRL + T)… this allows you to resize and rotate your layers.  Feel free to experiment with other tools as well.

It needs to be manipulated and collaged into a thoughtful composition and with an appropriate amount of effort put into it.  You should use the entire class period to complete the work.  Do your best and post the original and the new version to your blog even if you are not finished… it is going for a participation grade and will not be accepted late.  If it is not posted to your blog by the end of class today a 0% will be averaged into your grade.

P.S.  I’m not playin’ about the zero.

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