Antiqued Photo

File_000 (2)

Step 1:

  • Make a new folder in your 2nd Q folder and call it “History of Photo”.
  • Find a photo that you think might look interesting “antiqued”.
  • Right click and save as… for the 3 photos below, also in that folder.

Step 2:

  • Follow the following tutorial.
    • My Tutorial
    • Web Tutorial
    • The first step of creating surface blur has the number specifications I used.  The numbers you use may be different depending on your photo.  Just blur enough so that it is slightly effected; if you do it too much it will take away from the composition.
    • Use the photos that accompany the steps to help you.  Use your judgement while you’re working.  Sometimes one way of doing things doesn’t work for all photos.
    • Once you get to the texture layer and paper layers, you just open what you have already saved from this post and drag them in like we’ve been doing and then organize the layers in the layers palette.
    • Ask people around you for help first to troubleshoot.






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