Hybrid Species

Today… you are Charles Darwin.

Darwin was “the man” when it came to evolutionary theory.  You are going to take his lead and “evolve” 2 species into one brand new one.  You are going to use the masking technique we used to do black and white with color but in a new way.


  1. Find two high quality images using Google Image Search (be sure to go to “Search Tools” and select large as the size of the photo you are looking for).
  2. Open them both in Photoshop.
  3. Crop the one with the background that you are using to 8×10.
  4. Use the Quick Selection tool to make a selection in the photo you want to move.
  5. CTL + C (copy) then CTL + V (paste) into the other photo.
  6. CTL + T to free transform, hold shift to resize your image without stretching it.
    1. If you right click in the bounding box you can flip horizontal.
    2. If you hover outside the box you can rotate when you see the bent arrow show up.
  7. Click on the mask icon at the bottom of the layers palette.
    1. Use black and white with your paint brush to conceal or reveal your image.
  8. Use any other techniques that you have learned this year in order to make your images blend more seamlessly.


  1. Ask each other!  Team work makes the dream work!
  2. Dude… google it.
  3. Some basic reminders:  check which layer you’re on, be sure you’ve clicked a checkmark at the top if it’s asking, be sure you’re using the right tool (you can’t crop with the paintbrush ).
  4. Don’t give up man.

When you’re done:

  1. Post it large to your blog.
  2. Write 3 sentences about your new creature (habitat, diet, instincts, etc)
  3. Do another!

More Examples:



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