Bruno’s “Big” Day

Bruno had had enough; he just couldn’t take it anymore.  He was fed up.  Everyday the same thing.  Everyone was always looking down on him.  All he wanted was someone to look up to him.  He was cool.  He was interesting.  He could deliver a killer joke.  But no. 

Until one day Bruno accidentally befriended a particularly short human.  He was on his way to work at the DMV when someone dropped their phone almost crushing poor Bruno.  That person was Harry.  Harry bent down to pick up his phone and noticed Bruno shaking his fist and screaming in his tiny, tortoise voice.  Harry picked Bruno up as he was ranting and raving.  Harry knew right away why Bruno was so upset.  You see, Harry had his own issues with his slight stature.  

Harry and Bruno struck up a conversation and commiserated about their “little” problems.  Harry was called “Half-Pint Harry” and Bruno desperately wanted to eat a whole blueberry without having to take 26 bites.  It was embarrassing.  Bruno told Harry he appreciated how kind Harry was to stop and pay attention to him and Harry told Bruno that he admired the way he stood up for himself when the phone fell.  As it turns out, Bruno did find someone that could look up to him afterall.

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