Identify… the major contributions of each of the following photographers to the world of photography.  You may type this and use bullet points; however be sure that your bullets are coherent and contain enough information for me to understand your thoughts.  Hand this in at the end of class; it will be graded. Joseph Nicéphore […]


Define… the following terms, handwritten on looseleaf.  I will not accept typed work… it is too easy to just cut and paste and not read what these words mean.  Also, be sure to try to understand what the definition means and not just copy it down. aperture depth of field f stop shutter speed ISO […]

Buffalo Photos

Field Trip Students Upload Edit Post 5 of your strongest with the post title “Buffalo Walking Tour” Non-Field Trip Students Find 20 Large photos of Buffalo and save them to a folder in your 4th MP folder called “{Name’s} Buffalo Photos”. Drag the folder into the class folder.

Sliced & Diced

Wednesday 2/10/16 1.  Send Experiment Photo to the printer (again) 2.  Make sure your experiement photos and tiny planet are posted to your blog and dragged into the class folder. 3.  On a sheet of paper: List your theme (pick something that interests, inspires or motivates you) List the photos you are using that fit […]

Picture Stories

“PROOF is National Geographic’s online photography journal. We showcase the voices of National Geographic photographers and editors to offer a behind-the-scenes look at the visual storytelling process. Proof also features work from emerging photographers, books, galleries, and portfolios across the web. We aim to present an ongoing conversation about photography, art, journalism, and the people who […]