Last Photo Critique

   Complete a critique on this photo A note on the Analysis step: Be sure you explain how the elements and principles you choose to talk about are used in the photo. You need to touch on the key idea of each element/principle that is making them stand out in the photo. For instance: If […]

Antiqued Photo

      Antiqued Photo Transfer For this project you will antique one of your Buffalo photos in photoshop and then transfer  to a piece of wood Follow this tutorial to antique your photo. Buffalo Photo Wood Transfer Grading Growth (10) Quality images – in focus with a good resolution ­(10)_____ Objectives (30) Wood chosen suits photo […]

The Architecture of Buffalo

Scavenger Hunt Below is the scavenger hunt that the students on the field trip are trying to complete.  Your task is to find things to satisfy the items on the list as well by finding images online.  The images you find have to be of BUFFALO!  Be sure you read about the images that you […]

Photos Sliced & Diced

Marion Faller When we visited the Burchfield Penney Art Center we viewed the work of Marion Faller.  One of the techniques she used was using her photographs in order to create a quilt-like composition. For our next project we will be cutting and reassmbling photographs in unique and interesting ways.  This project is very open-ended to […]