About Cyanotypes To do: Choose high contrast photo that you haven’t yet used. Should not have a lot of small details. Crop to 5×7. Turn it black & white. Increase the brightness & contrast. Image Adjustments > Invert Print to the Laserjet printer… NOT the photo printer.

Picture Stories

“PROOF is National Geographic’s online photography journal. We showcase the voices of National Geographic photographers and editors to offer a behind-the-scenes look at the visual storytelling process. Proof also features work from emerging photographers, books, galleries, and portfolios across the web. We aim to present an ongoing conversation about photography, art, journalism, and the people who […]

The History of Photography

History of Photography Jeopardy Today you and a partner will be creating questions and answers in the Jeopardy game format relating to the history of photography. Categories: The categories that you must write questions for are: Photographic Processes – this category deals with questions about the various methods of creating photographs throughout history (ex. daguerreotype) Bonus:  Try to […]

Photos Sliced & Diced

Marion Faller When we visited the Burchfield Penney Art Center we viewed the work of Marion Faller.  One of the techniques she used was using her photographs in order to create a quilt-like composition. For our next project we will be cutting and reassmbling photographs in unique and interesting ways.  This project is very open-ended to […]