Principles of Design

  Repetition Students will create a collage using repetition. (20) Subject matter chosen should be easily recognized as the focus of the work. (20) Composition should look complete. (20) Students must cut all the background off of the subject matter they are using. (20) The composition must look organized in some way, even if it […]

Elements of Art

Value Page should be organized with definition and value scale on upper half & shattered drawing on the lower half. (10) Each value scale should have 7 distinguishable steps. (20) Value scales should be shaded using good craftsmanship, with the pencil tip and with no directionality. (20) Shattered drawing should depict subject matter “shattered” by […]


Vote for a classmate’s artwork: Each spring, a nation-wide high school arts competition is sponsored by the Members of the House of Representatives. The over-all winner of our district’s competition will be displayed for one year in the U.S. Capitol. The exhibit in Washington will also include artwork from other contest winners nation-wide. Public Gallery […]


  1 POINT PERSPECTIVE Title_____/10 Definition_____/10 8 buildings, 1 of them L/C shaped_____/8 Correct drawing method for buildings_____/8 Ruler was used for buildings_____/8 Correct drawing method for details_____/8 Ruler was used for details_____/8 Roads added_____/5 Craftsmanship _____/35 2 POINT PERSPECTIVE Title (10) _____ Definitions (20) _____ Objectives (20) Ruler was used for all lines – […]

Circle Cities: Radial Buffalo

  Grading Criteria for Radial Buffalo Growth (10) Effort in learning the skills required for this project is obvious in the  work – 10 Creativity (10) Buildings that were chosen are diverse and interesting together  – 10 Objectives (20) Ruler was used for all vertical lines – 10 Horizontal lines curve slightly to match the […]