End of MP 1

Here is a list of everything that you need posted to your blog to complete the work for the first marking period: Allegiance Photo posted FULL SIZE with the artist statement that you wrote copied and pasted into the post. Monster Me postedFULL SIZE with 5 sentences about the creature that you created.  Be sure to […]


Today is a “catch up” day.  Be sure that you have the following assignments completed, posted to your blog AND dropped into the class folder.  Yesterday I was grading and there were MANY things missing from the blogs and the folder.  If you have completed the assignments you must post them in both locations otherwise […]

Website Review

Look through the sites listed below and on your blog make a new post titled: My review of __________’s. Write a review of one of the sites that you like: explain why you like their work (20 pts) explain why you like their site (20 pts) describe their photographic style (20 pts) describe (in detail) 2 of your […]

Magazine Cover Parody

Needed: A theme for your magazine. A subject to take a photo of for the cover… person or object. In addition… You will need to: Title your magazine Create at least 5 “teaser” article titles to arrange on the cover There will be more criteria to follow as far as composition and format is concerned. […]

Welcome Back!

Who’s with me? I am so excited about the 2015-2016 school year and all that we can accomplish together! Every year I head back to school with a renewed spirit, lots of energy and a whole bunch of new things to try out with you.  This year is no different.  I have taken a close […]