About Cyanotypes To do: Choose high contrast photo that you haven’t yet used. Should not have a lot of small details. Crop to 5×7. Turn it black & white. Increase the brightness & contrast. Image Adjustments > Invert Print to the Laserjet printer… NOT the photo printer.

Sliced & Diced

Wednesday 2/10/16 1.  Send Experiment Photo to the printer (again) 2.  Make sure your experiement photos and tiny planet are posted to your blog and dragged into the class folder. 3.  On a sheet of paper: List your theme (pick something that interests, inspires or motivates you) List the photos you are using that fit […]

Last Photo Critique

   Complete a critique on this photo A note on the Analysis step: Be sure you explain how the elements and principles you choose to talk about are used in the photo. You need to touch on the key idea of each element/principle that is making them stand out in the photo. For instance: If […]

The Architecture of Buffalo

Scavenger Hunt Below is the scavenger hunt that the students on the field trip are trying to complete.  Your task is to find things to satisfy the items on the list as well by finding images online.  The images you find have to be of BUFFALO!  Be sure you read about the images that you […]

The History of Photography

History of Photography Jeopardy Today you and a partner will be creating questions and answers in the Jeopardy game format relating to the history of photography. Categories: The categories that you must write questions for are: Photographic Processes – this category deals with questions about the various methods of creating photographs throughout history (ex. daguerreotype) Bonus:  Try to […]

Chuck Close Page

October 14, 2014 Studio in Art: Today we continued to learn about the life and art of Chuck Close. Objectives Learn about the life and art of Chuck Close. Essential Question What is the biggest obstacle we are facing and how can we overcome it? Focusing Task (5 min) Students will continue their sketchbook page. […]

Tie Dye Paper

September 10, 2014 Studio in Art Objectives Know and understand the concept of peace and the basics of the 1960’s anti-war movement and hippie counterculture. Continue to create a pinwheel for the International Day of Peace on September 21. Understand and experiment with the technique of tie-dying. Essential Question  Is peace simply the absence of […]

Analyzing “Guernica”

September 9, 2014 Studio in Art Objectives View, analyze and understand the symbolism in “Guernica” by Picasso. Determine which symbols are used to represent peace. Essential Question How are symbols used in art? Focusing Task Students will view “Guernica” by Picasso and find 5 symbols within the work. Guided Practice Teacher will discuss symbolism. […]