Eye Pop

This tutorial is great for creating a focal point and drawing the viewer into the subject’s eyes when shooting portraits. The iris becomes lighter and more saturated and the whites of the eyes become brighter. Take or find a close up of someone’s eyes and complete the tutorial on one eye.  Post your work to […]

Surrealist Photo Collage

  Surrealism is a style of art and literature developed in the 20th century.  It stresses the subconscious (dreamlike) or non-rational imagery and unexpected juxtapositions (things put together in unlikely combinations). Grading Criteria for Surrealist Collage Growth (12) All photos are in focus/good resolution – 12 Creativity (12) All photos chosen are interesting – 12 Objectives (32) A background […]

Sliced & Diced

Wednesday 2/10/16 1.  Send Experiment Photo to the printer (again) 2.  Make sure your experiement photos and tiny planet are posted to your blog and dragged into the class folder. 3.  On a sheet of paper: List your theme (pick something that interests, inspires or motivates you) List the photos you are using that fit […]

Picture Stories

“PROOF is National Geographic’s online photography journal. We showcase the voices of National Geographic photographers and editors to offer a behind-the-scenes look at the visual storytelling process. Proof also features work from emerging photographers, books, galleries, and portfolios across the web. We aim to present an ongoing conversation about photography, art, journalism, and the people who […]