Eye Pop

This tutorial is great for creating a focal point and drawing the viewer into the subject’s eyes when shooting portraits. The iris becomes lighter and more saturated and the whites of the eyes become brighter. Take or find a close up of someone’s eyes and complete the tutorial on one eye.  Post your work to […]


About Cyanotypes To do: Choose high contrast photo that you haven’t yet used. Should not have a lot of small details. Crop to 5×7. Turn it black & white. Increase the brightness & contrast. Image Adjustments > Invert Print to the Laserjet printer… NOT the photo printer.

Antiqued Photo

      Antiqued Photo Transfer For this project you will antique one of your Buffalo photos in photoshop and then transfer  to a piece of wood Follow this tutorial to antique your photo. Buffalo Photo Wood Transfer Grading Growth (10) Quality images – in focus with a good resolution ­(10)_____ Objectives (30) Wood chosen suits photo […]