Work for Friday 9/22/17

Follow this link: Choose 1 photo that you think is very strong.  Write a paragraph (at least 10 sentences) explaining why you think so.  Use the handouts on the elements, principles and photography that are in your binders. Do not say “because I think it is pretty.”  Use art vocabulary (contrast, emphasis, color, movement, […]

Inequality Collage

Grading Criteria for Inequality Collage Growth (15) All photos are in focus/good resolution – 15 Creativity (15) All photos chosen are interesting – 15 Objectives (30) At least 15 photos/graphics were layered to create the collage – 15 A background image unifies the composition – 5 Blended layers overlap creating a foreground, middleground and background […]

Character Portraits

Today you will upload and edit your 5 strongest photos and then choose your best ONE to post and write about. You may use any techniques that we have learned so far this year but you should keep the portrait realistic when applying color changes and effects. Once you have uploaded your best ONE, write […]

Photo of the Day

National Geographic publishes a series called Photo of the Day, here is a little about it… “Each Photo of the Day we publish is meant to inspire wonder and curiosity, to bring a unique corner of the world into focus, present a new take on the familiar, or celebrate simple beauty. And in addition to […]

Solarfast Transfer

Choose high contrast photo that you want to transfer to fabric. Should not have a lot of small details. Crop to 5.25×8. Turn it black & white. Increase the brightness & contrast. Image Adjustments > Invert Open a new Photoshop document and make the dimensions 8.5×11. Move both so that you can see them at the […]

100 Photographs

100 of the Most Influential Photographs of All Time Time Magazine published a book of 100 photographs that they feel met their criteria as “the most influential images of all time”.  Go to the site linked below and do the following: Click on the “About the Project” link and read how they set the criteria. […]