Buffalo Photos

Field Trip Students Upload Edit Post 5 of your strongest with the post title “Buffalo Walking Tour” Non-Field Trip Students Find 20 Large photos of Buffalo and save them to a folder in your 4th MP folder called “{Name’s} Buffalo Photos”. Drag the folder into the class folder.

Vampirize Day 2

October 30, 2014 Digital Photography: Today we are finishing the transformation of turning our friends into Vampires. Your Task: Follow the following directions to complete the vampire:  Vampirize Directions Save as Vampirize.psd and as Vampirize.jpg Upload the .jpg version to your blog with the original.  Title the post “Vampirize”.


October 29, 2014 Digital Photography: Today we are working in Photoshop and transforming our friends into Vampires. Your Task: Take a couple photos of someone posing as a vampire… get them to really SELL the whole vampire vibe (just like the zombie shoot)!  For some compositional variation you can have multiple vampires or a vampire […]