Tuesday December 8th, 2015

To Do:

  1. Complete the Pop Art project.  You can find the directions in the Pop Art blog post near the bottom.  We can print tomorrow if you haven’t already done so.
  2. Be sure the following projects are finished and posted to your blog:
    1. Pop Art Object – choose your favorite of the 4.  Write a sentence describing why that object is meaningful to you.
    2. Food Landscape
    3. Hybrid Animals – Write 3 sentences about your new species.
    4. Blended Image (this is the first one we did together in class)
    5. Digital Typography
  3. Create a new folder in your 2nd quarter folder called “Image Library”
  4. Search for LARGE photos (not graphics or illustrations) using google image search and put them in this new folder… find the following:
    1. 5 landscapes
    2. 5 objects
    3. 5 portraits
    4. 5 flowers
    5. 5 animals


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