Digital Photography

Digital Photography is almost paperless!  Almost everything that we do will be put on a blog; anything that I would normally give as a handout or an assignment will be found on our classroom blog and most things that students would normally hand in will go on their own personal student blog that they will have the opportunity to design and the responsibility to maintain.

The classroom blog will have all of the tutorials, project criteria, due dates and art history information for the classes that I teach, as well as links to the photo student blogs, tips for better writing, learning strategies and galleries of student work.

The student blog will consist of an artist statement, photos, notes, writing and photo challenge assignments.  Students will also be given plenty of opportunities to print  photos and work in a more traditional, artistic method with the photos that are taken.

The year will begin with “Straight Photography” (meaning photos that have not been digitally enhanced in any way), then move into learning Photoshop and the limitless ways one can alter an image digitally, and then manipulate printed photos using other artistic media.

Remember to check this blog for any assignments that you miss when you are absent or if you should fall behind!

Just click on Digital Photography Archive to find the assignment.

Photoshop Keyboard Shortcuts

Photoshop Toolbox


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